Las Vegas Interagency Helitack

Las Vegas Interagency Helitack crew

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Las Vegas Helitack

Comprised of two federal agencies; BLM  Southern Nevada District  and NPS Lake Mead Natinoal Recreation Area, Las Vegas Helitack has initial attack responsibility for more than 10.7 million acres. The fire season in Southern Nevada generally runs from June through September, depending on fire season severity. In addition to local assignments, the crew will respond and aid other areas throughout the United States. 


Las Vegas Helitack values training and detail opportunities. We actively encourage assignments and details to improve the knowledge and diversity of crew members. In the past, we have sent crew members on details throughout the western United States, Alaska, and Smokejumper programs. In addition, we have hosted detailers from other BLM districts, Forests, Vegas Valley Handcrew, and Boise Smokejumpers. 

Organization & Location

Las Vegas Helitack is traditionally comprised of 10 personnel from the three agencies, including a BLM Supervisor and Assistant, two Squad Leaders (BLM and NPS), two Lead Crew members (BLM) and four seasonal crew members. The crew is co-located with Las Vegas Interagency Dispatch Center at North Las Vegas Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. On-site facilities include ready room, offices, and secure parking area. Barrack accommodations are available for BLM personnel. 

helicopter taking offPhysical Training

All crew members are expected to arrive in top physical condition. Helitack personnel are expected to meet the following minimum standards: 1 ½ mile run in 11 minutes or less, 7 pull-ups, 25 push-ups, 45 sit-ups, and pack test in 45 minutes or less. It is encouraged that prospective crew members seek to exceed these minimum standards. In addition, the crew participates in the BLM Fire Fitness Challenge and as a crew we strive to score a minimum of 200, initial test will take place in the first week of employment. Physical training consisting of 3-7 mile runs, sprints, hill sprints and timed hikes with gear can be expected. Physical condition is imperative to prepare our bodies and minds for the rigors of a long fire season. 


Interested applicants should expect vacancies to be listed on USAJOBS in the beginning of December. The hiring lists should be closed around the first part of January and interviews will begin shortly thereafter.

We encourage those needing further information on the crew and application process to begin establishing contact with the Crew Supervisor or Assistant during the fall months and emails are always welcome (see below for more contact information).

Crew Supervisor: Lucas Rhea, 702-515-5321,