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BEFORE YOU START – MAKE SURE THIS Special Recreation Permit CAN BE TURNED IN 180 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT OR ACTIVITY (More or less time may be needed to complete work on your permit.  Contact the appropriate BLM Office for additional information.)

Page One:

DO NOT ENTER THE PERMIT NUMBER. The authorized official will assign a permit number.

1. Enter your name or the name of your organization, including the department.

Enter your address or the address of your organization.

Enter your business telephone number and your residence telephone number.

2. Enter the name of the public land that you would like to use for your event or activity and attach a map of the area.  The map should indicate the track or course, concession stand areas, registration area, first aid areas, etc. 

3. Describe the purpose of the event or activity.  State the projected number of participants and spectators.

4. Fill in the arrival date and time and the departure date and time.

5. Check the type of permit you are requesting. 

6. Describe all facilities that you will be providing, such as porto-potties, concession stands, first aid stations, etc.  Be sure to include all of these facilities on the map. 

7. If you have been issued a permit for a previous event, fill in the name of the BLM office that issued the permit and the date of the permit.  Check whether or not you or your organization forfeited any portion of the permit, bond, or surety or if any investigation or legal action is pending against you or your organization for use of public lands.  If you checked yes, describe the issue in detail on a separate piece of paper and attach it to the application.

8. Sign the application.  If you are filling out the application on-line, print two copies and sign each copy.  Send one original to the appropriate BLM Field Office and keep the other original for your records.  You will not be able to save the information that you entered.

Page Two:

DO NOT CHECK ANY OF THE BOXES ON THIS PAGE.  The authorized official will check the appropriate boxes.

Send in your application:

Send your completed and signed application to the appropriate BLM Field Office. Detach page three, the Post Use Report, for filing after the event is completed.

Contact the appropriate BLM Field Office regarding completion of the following information:

1. A map of the area, the course or track, and all facilities that you will be providing.

2. An operation plan.

3. A description of events if you or your organization have, with any previous permits, forfeited any portion of the permit, bond, or surety or if any investigation or legal action is pending against you for use of public lands.

4. Proof of private landowner or other agency permission.

5. Proof of insurance.

6. A copy of your license.

7. Any additional district or state forms.

Page Three/ Post Use Report:

1. Send this report to the appropriate field office within 30 days of the completion of your event or activity.

2. Enter the number of participants, spectators, and employees that attended the event.

Enter the fees charged to each participant and each spectator.

Enter the gross profit, and include all receipts.

3. Describe any problems that occurred at the event, such as crowd control, hazards, and accidents.

4. Write your name, address, and telephone numbers (both business and residence).  Sign the report and send it to the appropriate BLM Field Office.



Bureau of Land Management

Las Vegas Field Office

(702) 515-5000

Permit Qualifications 43 CFR § 2932.11

(a) Except as provided in § 2932.12, you must obtain a Special Recreation Permit for: (1) Commercial use, including vending associated with recreational use; or (2) Competitive use. (b) If BLM determines that it is necessary, based on planning decisions, resource concerns, potential user conflicts, or public health and safety, we may require you to obtain a Special Recreation Permit for – (1) Recreation use of special areas; (2) Noncommercial, noncompetitive, organized group activities or events; or (3) Academic, educational, scientific, or research uses involve: (i) Means of access or activities normally associated with recreation; (ii) Use of areas where recreation use is allocated; or (iii) Use of special areas.


Application forms may be obtained in person or by mail from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Las Vegas Field Office, 4701 N. Torrey Pines Dr., Las Vegas NV 89130-2301. Applications must include two 8370-1 application forms with original signatures, a supplemental description of proposed use, certificate of insurance, prepayment of fees, and a detailed map of the proposed location.

Permit Processing

Special Recreation Permit applications will not be accepted earlier than 1 year nor later than 180 days prior to the proposed use. Off-highway vehicle events applications must be filed according to the following schedule: June 30 – Deadline for applying for events between Jan. 1 and June 30 of the next calendar year; Dec. 30 – Deadline for applying for events between July 1 and Dec. 31 of the next calendar year.


The applicant must obtain liability insurance naming the United States Government as additionally insured for the proposed activity. The certificate of insurance must state the following: “The United States Government, its Agencies, Representatives, and Authorized Right-of-Way Grantees are additionally insured.” The minimal amount of insurance required is $100,000 for bodily injury for any one person, $300,000 for any one occurrence, and $10,000 for property damage for any one occurrence.

Other Licenses

The applicant must comply with laws and regulations of other federal, state, and local agencies that apply specifically to the area of use (i.e. TSA, business license, Clark County Health District permit).

Written Permission from Landowners & Agencies

The applicant must submit written permission to cross private land or other agency land, rights-of-way, state highways, and county roads affected by the proposed activity.

Map Requirements

All SRP applications must include a map of the proposed event/activity site. Maps must be submitted on a full 71/2-minute, 1:24,000 scale USGS quadrangle map. A photocopy of part of the quadrangle is not acceptable. In cases where, the proposed event/activity would take place over a large enough area that it may require more than four quadrangle maps to annotate the activity then, a 1:100,000 scale land status map may be acceptable if exact course location is clearly depicted. Electronically produced GIS maps will be accepted provided the map includes topographical and township/range features. All maps must show: start/finish, spectator areas, pit areas, parking areas, check points, course monitor locations, road crossings that will be monitored, staging areas, campsites, fuel stops, road closures. SRP applications that are submitted without an acceptable map will be returned without further review.

Applicants can re-submit their application with an acceptable map if the application is received by the BLM before the deadline.

Special Recreation Permit Fees 43 CFR § 2932.31(1)(e)(1)(2)(i, ii)

Fees are $80 per SRP, or 3% of gross receipts, or $4 per participant, whichever is the greater amount. Advance payment of $80 is required prior to permit issuance. The $80 prepayment will be applied to the SRP; however, it is non-refundable should the permit application be denied. Assigned/ reserved site fee is $155. BLM may charge a fee for recovery of costs to the agency of analyses and permit processing instead of the Special Recreation Permit fee, if BLM needs more than 50 hours of staff time to process a Special Recreation Permit for commercial, competitive, or organized group/ event use in any one year, and We anticipate that permit fees on the fee schedule for that year will be less than the costs of processing the permit.

Permit Issuance 43 CFR § 2392.26 (a)-(g).

BLM has discretion over whether to issue a Special Recreation permit. We will base our decision on the following factors, to the extent that they are relevant: (a) Conformance with laws and land use plans; (b) Public safety (c) Conflicts with other uses (d) Resource protection (e) The public interest served (f) Whether in the past you complied with the terms of your permit or other authorization from BLM and other agencies, and (g) Such other information that BLM finds appropriate. FILING AN APPLICATIONS DOES NOT GUARENTEE A PERMIT WILL BE ISSUED.

Last updated: 05-11-2007