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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE        November 2, 2006
CONTACT:   Kirsten Cannon       (702) 515-5057

BLM to Enact Emergency Closure in Sloan Canyon by Week’s End for Off-Highway Vehicle Use, Shooting and Camping

Las Vegas -- On November 3, 2006, an emergency closure to shooting, off-highway vehicle use and camping will be issued by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) within the boundaries of Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area.  Public access and visitation is still encouraged under the emergency closure.

“Damage to the National Conservation Area, especially the northeast portion, has been significant since Sloan’s designation in 2002,” said Bob Taylor, Assistant Field Manager for the BLM’s Las Vegas Field Office’s National Landscape Conservation System Division.  “Although we’ve installed kiosks and boundary signs, distributed brochures, held volunteer clean-ups, led educational hikes, made visitor contacts and had law enforcement patrols, debris from target shooting has increased and illegal roads have been created.  The emergency closure will allow us to immediately implement the Resource Management Plan which established the guidance, objectives, policies and management actions for the area.”

The emergency closure will be in effect until the BLM’s Las Vegas Field Office completes Supplementary Rules for Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area which will establish permanent rules for use of the area.
Exceptions to the Emergency Closure:
• Off-highway vehicle use on posted/signed designated routes
• Camping in areas as identified in the Resource Management Plan
• Hunting with a valid state hunting license and in accordance with the laws and regulations of the State of Nevada
• Firefighting action or organized rescue actions by individuals on official duty
• Work performed by Federal, State or local officers within the scope of their duties
• Activities performed by individuals who have written permission from the BLM

Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area is visited by approximately 28,000 people a year and is patrolled by six law enforcement officers.  Emergency closure enforcement activities will initially focus on education.  To view additional information about Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, visit www.nv.blm.gov/vegas and select Sloan Canyon NCA in the left column. 

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Last updated: 03-03-2007