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April 10, 2006

Burro Fence Completed on State Route 159

Who:   Field Office; Nevada Department of Transportation; Nevada Division of Forestry; Horse

Council; National Wild Horse Association; Nevada Commission for the Preservation of Wild

Horses;Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins; Bureau of Land Management, Las Vegas

What:  Event celebrating completion of 13 miles of fence along both sides of State Route 159

When: Wednesday, April 12 at 1:30 p.m.

Where:   Red Rock Overlook (one mile west of Scenic Drive Entrance on State Route 159)

Why:  Commissioner representing District B) initiated a request for a fence to be built along State

Route 159 from Charleston to Blue Diamond to protect burros and other wildlife as well as

provide additional safety measures for drivers in the area. Stakeholders then met to determine

the fence design and placement. Representatives included the Bureau of Land Management

(BLM), Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), Nevada Division of Forestry, Horse

Council, National Wild Horse Association, Mojave Southern Resource Advisory Council,

Nevada Commission for the Preservation of Wild Horses and many other interested individuals.

More than four years ago, then-State Assemblyman Tom Collins (now a Clark County

How:   BLM secured funding through the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act tobuild the fence which was installed by BLM wildland firefighters. NDOT designed and installed cattle guards along all side roads.


  • Final clips on fence placed by dignitaries
  • 13 miles of fence along both sides of State Route 159
  • More than 16 cattleguards along side roads
  • Traffic on State Route 159
  • Potential for burros in area
  • Scenic views of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
  • Short talks from Tom Collins, Bureau of Land Management and Nevada Department of Transportation

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