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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    February 3, 2004
Contact: Kirsten Cannon     (702) 515-5057

Wild Horse Adoption Slated for February 7

Las Vegas - On Saturday, February 7, beginning at 8 a.m., the Bureau of Land
Management will offer 22 horses from the Red Rock Herd Area and Nevada Wild Horse Range
at an adoption event at Oliver Ranch.

The 19 mares and three colts were removed from the range in the summer of 2002 during
an emergency gather that was ordered due to poor range conditions caused by the extended

Twenty-one weanlings born in Bureau of Land Management (BLM) facilities in northern
Nevada in 2003 will be offered for adoption via photos at the February 7 event in Las Vegas.
The same qualifications and bidding procedures will be followed as for the Red Rock horses.
All weanlings adopted on February 7 will be transported to the Oliver Ranch for pickup by the
successful adopter as soon as practical after the adoption. Successful adopters will be notified by BLM of the day and time of pickup.

Animals available for adoption can be viewed at www.nv.blm.gov/vegas

The National Wild Horse Association has raised funds to feed and care for the Red Rock
horses in hopes of improved range conditions. A recent range assessment determined that forage and water conditions would not support the re-release of these horses. There are currently 25 horses and 100 burros within the Red Rock Herd Area.

Previously adopted wild horses and burros have gone on to be part of chuck wagon
teams, mounts in the U.S. Marine Corps Color Guard as well as winning precision drills,
dressage competitions, endurance and stock horse competitions.  In addition to free pre-adoption clinics, monthly low-cost training clinics are offered for adopters and those interested in learning training techniques.

The adoption will require $125 minimum bid. Potential adopters must have a minimum
400 square foot six foot high (four and a half feet for burros) pipe or wood corral with a confined
area with at least two-sided shelter with a roof. Adopters must not have been convicted of
animal cruelty and title to the animal remains with the government for a year. All animals
available for adoption are healthy, have initial vaccines and come with health care records.
To learn more about adopting a wild horse or burro, please call 702-515-5100.

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