Sloan Hills Competitive Mineral Material Sales Environmental Impact Statement


Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Comments were due December 5, 2011

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Las Vegas Field Office is analyzing the potential impacts associated with the construction, operation and maintenance of the Proposed Sloan Hills Competitive Mineral Material Sales Project.

An Environmental Impact Statement is being prepared to address CEMEX and Service Rock Products’ proposals to construct, operate and maintain mineral material mines in Sloan Hills. Upon completion of the EIS, BLM will make a decision on whether or not to dispose of mineral materials. If the decision is made to dispose of mineral materials a competitive sale would be held; there is no guarantee that CEMEX and Service Rock Products would be winning bidders.  
The Proposed Action consists of two proposed competitive mineral material sales that would result in two open pit dolomite/limestone quarries that would merge in the future into one open pit. The proposed project includes facilities for mining limestone and dolomite from a series of rugged hills at Sloan, Nevada. This material would be used for construction aggregate in the Southern Nevada area.   
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