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South Pahroc Range Wilderness Area 

Photo taken in South Pahroc Wilderness Area.  Click photo for larger view
The South Pahroc Range Wilderness area, northeast of Alamo, is extremely rugged with deeply cut canyons, high ridges, large rounded boulders and heavily forested expanses. Much of the range is a solitary volcanic massif composed of varying colored layers of welded tuff that have weathered into unusual pockets, columns, and stone faces. The lower elevations are gently rolling bajada with widely scattered boulders. The rocky geologic features are interlaced with stands of pinyon pine, juniper, and white fir, forming isolated stands providing shady solitude. Corridors of aspen and willow are a welcome contrast to the surrounding desert landscapes. Wildflowers, predominately paintbrush, add color. Mule deer, mountain lions, reintroduced desert bighorn sheep, golden eagles, and prairie falcons may be found in the area. 

Fact Sheets and More

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Last updated: 01-04-2016