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South Egan Range Wilderness Area

Photo taken in South Egan Range Wilderness Area.  Click photo for larger view
The South Egan Range Wilderness area, south-southeast of Lund is a striking and rugged mountain spine running nearly the entire length of the White River Valley. Spectacular vistas give a sense of exhilaration as the landscape falls away dramatically to the valley floor, 4,000 feet below. Numerous perennial springs and pockets of quaking aspen serve to attract an abundant variety of wildlife species which include mule deer, elk, and a variety of upland game birds, such as sage grouse. Several springs feed small, intermittent creeks throughout the wilderness area. There are three routes (cherrystems) that provide access to the ridgeline toward the center of the wilderness area. One of which, the West Parker Spring route (not suitable for full-sized vehicles) leads to the ridge and provides views of Mt. Wheeler to the east and over a number of mountain ranges to the west.

Fact Sheets and More

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Last updated: 01-04-2016