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Parsnip Peak Wilderness Area

Photo taken in Parsnip Peak Wilderness Area.  Click photo for larger view
The Parsnip Peak Wilderness area is pristine, with perennial springs, wildlife, and forested mountains. Tall mounds of white volcanic rock illustrate the powerful effects of weathering. Curved and undulating, these outcrops contrast with the towering ponderosa pine that grow in cracks and along the edges of the rock. Expansive aspen groves predominate the north slopes and thickets of mountain mahogany blanketing the southern slopes. Bald eagles enjoy the pockets of fir which survive in craggy niches in the higher elevations. Native grasses flourish throughout the wilderness. Several springs are edged by native wildflowers. Abundant prehistoric sites exist in the Parsnip Peak Wilderness area. The Mount Wilson Archaeological District was delineated on the north end of the wilderness and is eligible for nomination for the National Register of Historic Places. Pre-historic sites include campsites, rock rings, rock shelters, and rock art.

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Last updated: 01-04-2016