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Far South Egan Range Wilderness Area

Far South Egan Range Wilderness Area Photo



The Far South Egans Wilderness area consists of an extremely rugged portion of the Egan Range. The Range dramatically ascends 4,500 feet from the valley floor to form spectacular limestone cliffs of multicolored strata on the west side of the area. This area also includes an unusual mix of ponderosa and bristlecone pine forest. The east side of the wilderness area is less rugged and supports dense woodlands, principally pinyon pine and juniper. Mule deer, elk, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, golden eagles, and ferruginous hawks are among the numerous wildlife species found here. Other features of this wilderness area include an abandoned historic sawmill and a shingle mill which have played an important part in local history. After a 70 foot decent into Whipple Cave you are provided with with 1,000 feet of known passages. Cave decorations include rimstone dams, draperies, and a huge column over thirty feet tall.

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Last updated: 01-04-2016