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Delamar Mountains Wilderness Area

Photo taken in Delmar Mountains Wilderness Area.  Click photo for larger view

The central portion of the Delamar Mountains Wilderness area has deep, twisting canyons which extend into the southern bajada, while the eastern portion is composed of hills, peaks, washes and draws. The higher peaks in the central and eastern portions are good destinations for camping and provide expansive views of nearby mountains and valleys, including the Delamar Dry Lakebed.

This area provides steep, rugged terrain for desert bighorn sheep and a variety of raptors like golden eagles. The long sloping hills around the periphery of the wilderness area provide critical habitat for the threatened desert tortoise, and encompasses a portion of the Mormon Mesa Desert Tortoise Area of Critical Environmental Concern. Other sensitive species may be found in the area including white bearpoppy and banded Gila monster. The cultural resources for this area are abundant and include lithic scatters, shelters, rock art, milling sites, and an obsidian quarry.


Fact Sheets and More

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Last updated: 01-04-2016