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Clover Mountains Wilderness Area
Photo taken in Clover Mountains Wilderness Area.  Click photo for larger view

The Clover Mountains Wilderness area lies south-southeast of Caliente and is an ancient volcanic center. The geologic events have created rock outcrops of rhyolite in natural hues of pink, yellow, red, orange, and brown with twisting canyons and perennial waters. High in the mountains old-growth stands of ponderosa pine and quaking aspen can be found, which are uncommon to this part of Nevada. One of the longest year round streams in southern Nevada, Cottonwood Creek, is located in this area. Ash, cottonwood, and quaking aspen, thrive along Cottonwood Creek due to the consistant waters. The southern portion of the wilderness area extends into the Thule Desert and is vegetated with sagebrush, joshua trees, and other yuccas.

Fact Sheets and More

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Last updated: 01-04-2016