Wilderness Areas - Ely District
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Becky Peak Wilderness Area
Photo taken in Becky Peak Wilderness Area.  Click photo for larger view

The Becky Peak Wilderness area lies at the northern end of the Schell Creek Range in eastern Nevada. Vegetation includes desert shrubs and grasses at lower elevations with scattered pinyon pine and juniper stands on the upland slopes. Atop Becky Peak itself (9,859 feet), you will encounter bristlecone and limber pine trees. Wildflowers may be abundant during spring and include yarrow, prickly poppy, prickly pear cactus, larkspur, lupine, paintbrush, and sego lilies. Pronghorn antelope are frequently seen on the sagebrush flats. Other animals that may be spotted in the Becky Peak Wilderness area include mule deer, wild horses, pinyon jays, western fence lizards, and Great Basin Collard Lizards.

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Last updated: 01-04-2016