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Moriah Herd Area Wild Horse Gather

Moriah Gather Reports



Monday, Aug. 30

The Moriah Herd Area wild horse gather concluded this evening due to airspace restrictions. 

The BLM today gathered 17 wild horses via helicopter.  Twelve additional horses were water-trapped in a private orchard.

The BLM gathered and removed a total of 53 wild horses from in and around the Moriah Herd Area over a four day period.  There were no injuries or deaths.  The horses gathered had Henneke body condition scores of mostly 4s and 5s.  There were a few 3s. 

All the wild horses gathered have been shipped to BLM facilities in Delta or Salt Lake City, Utah.  Horses transported to Delta will be relocated to Salt Lake City within the next 2-3 days.

Aug. 29
The two animals gathered Friday overnighted well and are being cared for and monitored. No deaths, no injuries, Henneke body condition scores are 4s and 5s. Three observers returned to observe gather operations today.

Gathered today: 22, including 3 foals
Cumulative number of animals gathered: 24
Aug. 28
Gather operations were suspended for the day due to gusty winds. The two animals gathered yesterday overnighted well and are being cared for and monitored. They are expected to remain in the temporary corral again Saturday night. This was the scheduled observation day and four observers attended. Since there were no gather operations to see, observers were given the option to return the next day to attend, Sunday.

Gathered today: 0
Cumulative number of animals gathered: 2
Aug. 27
The wild horse gather started before 8 a.m., today. By 3 p.m., the BLM had gathered two stud horses, estimated to be between the ages of three and four. The gathered horses’ Henneke body condition class was between 4 and 5. The BLM subsequently moved the trap site and will resume gather operations tomorrow, Saturday. This website will be updated Monday, Aug. 30.