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Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Trails

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Whatever your form of motorized recreation – full sized four wheel drive vehicle, dirt bike,  ATV or UTV – there are plenty of roads and routes within the Ely District. Make it your goal to A photo of a typical two-track OHV trail.always stay on existing routes. In much of the Ely District, motorized travel is limited to existing or designated routes. Please check for Vehicle Use Maps or restrictions. Designated trails such as the Silver State OHV Trail and the Chief Mountain Trail system are well marked and provide a quality riding experience for those seeking solitude and scenery. There are many roads and trails that exist for the person looking to explore. 

Whether you ride for fun, use an OHV to transport downed game, or ride to experience the beautiful expanses of eastern Nevada, keep your vehicle on existing routes. If a route is too difficult for you, please help to do your part to protect our natural resources, by turning around. The Ely District has routes to suit every type of vehicle and every skill level of driver. Always TREAD LIGHTLY while enjoying your public lands!

Silver State OHV Trail

The 260 mile signed trail is a congressionally designated OHV trail and offers off-highway vehicle enthusiasts the chance to explore the rugged, scenic, and remote deserts and mountains of eastern Nevada. The trail network is suitable for ATVs, UTVs, and full-size vehicles with alternative routes available to avoid narrower sections. The trail system can also be accessed from the communities – Panaca, Pioche and Caliente.  There are five main trailheads to access the Silver State Trail; Patterson, Pahroc Wash, Stampede, Chief Mountain South and Chief Mountain West.

Things to note: Length: 260.0 mi / 418.4 km. Time to Allow: 2-4 days. Restrictions: Portions of this trail are subject to wash outs in the rainy season. Access is limited during the winter. Camping facilities are available at all trailheads. Printed brochures are available at BLM offices in Ely and Caliente, or link below. 

How to get there: Four trailheads near the towns of Pioche, Panaca and Caliente, Nevada along US Highway 93. One trailhead near Hiko, Nevada along State Route 318. 

Mount Wilson Back Country Byway

This is a great way to have the chance to see some spectacular country. The route winds through an ancient volcanic caldera now forested with pinyon and juniper trees at the lower elevations and with aspen, mountain mahogany and ponderosa pine at higher elevations. Towards the peaks of the range, aspens and ponderosa pines grow profusely. Trek through the byway, crossing wide basins and passing through narrow canyons. Explore historical cabins or visit a pioneer cemetery. Stop at the historical mining town, Pioche as you work your way through the Wilson Range, and take time to discover the many species of wildlife.
Route signing is minimal so please obtain a route map from the BLM in Ely or Caliente.

Things to note: Length: 66.0 mi / 106.2 km. Time to Allow: 2-4 hours. Restrictions: Portions of this byway  may require a high-clearance vehicle. Access is limited during the winter.

America's BywaysHow to get there: The byway begins on US 93 at the Pony Springs Rest Area, from here turn left onto County Road 441. Follow this same road as it changes to County Roads 440, 431, and 430. At this point the road will change to BLM Road 4045 and then to State Road 322. State Road 322 will lead you back to US 93, near the town of Pioche where the byway ends.

Chief Mountain OHV Area

The Chief Mountain area is frequently used for off-highway vehicles and includes three developed trailheads and 30 miles of signed routes for ATV’s and motorcycles. The area is very scenic and additional roads are available in addition to the signed trails. Portions of the Chief Mountain OHV Area connect to the Silver State OHV trail system. There is a kiosk including a map of the trails, a practice loop and picnic tables at the trailhead.

Things to note: Length: 30.0 mi/km. Time to Allow: 2-4 hours. Restrictions: Access is limited during the winter. There is a designated practice riding area at Chief Mountain South trailhead.

How to get there: 9 miles west of Caliente, NV. on the north side of US Highway 93. The south trailhead is conveniently located at Oak Springs Summit.


Silver State Trail Brochure

Last updated: 05-03-2012