Ely Proposed Resource Management Plan
Final Environmental Impact Statement

The Ely PRMP is now available for viewing on-line.  We have split the RMP into chapters, and divided the maps into PDF Volumes.  This allows anyone to view a specific section of the RMP without having to download the entire PDF document.  In order to view the PDF Volumes correctly, we recommend downloading and installing the latest version of Adobe Reader.  You may download a copy by clicking the icon to the right, or by clicking on "Get Adobe Reader" at the bottom of this page.  Broadband users may download complete volumes at the bottom of this page as well. 


Map Volumes

Public Comments

Executive SummaryMap Sections 2.4.6-1 to 2.4.12-4Business Comments
Cover of Volume I, and Chapter 1Map Sections 2.4.12-5 to 2.4.16-2Federal Comments
Cover of Volume IIMap Sections 2.4.18-1 to 2.5.14-1Form Letters
Chapter 2Map Sections 2.5.16-1 to 2.6.12-4Individual Comments
Chapter 3Map Sections 2.6.12-5 to 2.7.11-1Local Comments
Chapter 4Map Sections 2.7.12-1 to 2.8.12-3Non-Government Comments
Chapter 5Map Sections 2.8.12-4 to 3.5-3Public Meetings
Chapter 6Map 3.5-4State Comments
Glossary/References/IndexMap Sections 3.5-5 to 3.5-9Native American Comments


Map Sections 3.7-1 to 3.22-1 
 Map 4.5-1 
 Map Sections 4.5-2 to 4.28-1 

We also have provided the three sections above as complete volumes.  You may download the entire section by selecting it below.  Note, that if you are on a dial-up connection, download times will be significantly longer, especially for the map volume.  We suggest dial-up users use the links above.

Complete Text Volume
Complete Map Volume
Complete Comments Volume

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