Ely District

Ely District Resource Management Plan

The Record of Decision (ROD) to approve the Ely District Resource Management Plan (RMP) was signed on August 20, 2008.  The Federal Register Notice of Availability was published in September 2008.  The Ely District Approved RMP is based on that described as the Proposed RMP in the November 2007 Ely Proposed RMP/Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)(USDI-BLM 2007) with exceptions as noted in the ROD.  The background and rationale for approving the proposed decisions contained in the Proposed RMP, as well as clarifications and modifications made to address protests to the Proposed RMP are described in the ROD.  The Approved RMP constitutes the final decisions. 

The planning area includes all lands regardless of jurisdiction; however, the approved RMP decisions only apply to public lands administered by the Ely District Office in Lincoln, White Pine, and a portion of Nye counties in east-central Nevada.  The decision area also includes those private lands on which there is "split-estate," and BLM continues to manage surfaceor subsurface interests.  The planning are measures approximately 230 miles (north-south) by 115 miles (east-west).

You will find the entire ROD and Approved RMP by clicking on the icon in the upper right hand corner of this page.  The document has been provided in sections, including the ROD, Approved Plan, Appendicies, and Maps, depending upon your interes but you may also download the entire document should you desire.