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White Pine Green Recycling

Cardboard to be compacted is loaded onto a conveyor at J&M Trucking and Ready-Mix.  Cardboard and other household trash can be recycled free-of-charge through the White Pine Green Recycling program.The White Pine Green Recycling program provides eastern Nevada residents an opportunity to recycle a majority of their household trash, free-of-charge.  The program accepts all paper products and plastics, aluminum, copper, tin and iron scrap (break down cardboard boxes and rinse to-be discarded cans and plastic containers, please).  Six and 12-volt vehicle and equipment batteries are also accepted.  The recycling center is located at J&M Trucking and Ready-Mix, 800 Ave. O, in Ely.  Drop-off hours are between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., daily.

White Pine Green Recycling is one of two programs that, combined, provide for a sustainable community-wide recycling program that helps to protect the environment, extend the life of the local landfill, and reduce or eliminate illegal dumping on the public lands.  White Pine Green-Up is the other.

White Pine Green Recycling is a cooperative effort of J&M Trucking and Ready-Mix and the Ely District.

Last updated: 01-23-2014