Ely District

Great Basin Teachers Workshop

The Great Basin Teachers Workshop has been temporarily suspended due to budget constraints.

Great Basin Teachers Workshop participants are pictured at the Crystal Wash Public Rock Art Site near Hiko, Nev., in July 2015.The BLM Ely District each July hosts the Great Basin Teachers Workshop, in partnership with other federal and state agencies, and non-profit organizations.

The approximately weeklong workshop is directed toward educators’ grades K-12 looking to implement inquiry-based science projects into their classrooms through hands-on discovery of “Life in the Great Basin.”  Subjects rotate annually.  Workshop participants can obtain In-service or college credits from cooperating colleges and universities.

Much of the hands-on workshop takes place in the field.  Participants are encouraged to bring sunscreen, a hat, sturdy hiking boots, sleeping bag and more (a complete list of essentials is provided upon registration).

To learn more about the workshop, please contact:

Nicholas Pay
BLM Caliente Field Office
1400 South Front Street
PO Box 237
Caliente, NV 89008