Ely District


Great Basin Teachers Workshop participants are pictured at the Crystal Wash Public Rock Art Site near Hiko, Nev., in July 2015.



Great Basin Teachers Workshop 
The Great Basin Teachers Workshop has been temporarily suspended due to budget constraints.


The public is invited to participate in National Public Lands Day on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015.




 National Public Lands Day 

The White Pine Green-Up program allows White Pine County residents to discard at the Ely municipal landfill free-of-charge such items as old appliances and automobiles, construction waste, scrap metal and more.White Pine Green-Up

The White Pine Green Recycling program provides eastern Nevada residents an opportunity to recycle a majority of their household trash, free-of-charge.




 White Pine Green Recycling 

The Eastern Nevada Landscape Restoration Project would restore health to approximately 10-million acres of the BLM Ely District-administered public lands.




Eastern Nevada Landscape Restoration Project