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Proposed White Rock Spring riparian fence and associated water pipeline and trough

The proposed action is to construct a maximum of 2600’ (five acres) of fence around White Rock Spring and associated saturated soils downstream from the source, as well as a buried water pipeline to supply a trough outside the fenced area.

White Rock Spring is located in the northern Butte Mountains in northern White Pine County: T25N, R60E, NE1/4 S12.

The need for the proposed action is to protect the spring source and associated riparian community from continued degradation by large ungulates, due primarily to wild horses. The proposed project would support the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and allotment permittee in meeting the standards and guidelines for riparian sites established by the Resource Advisory Council for the Northeastern Great Basin.

The work would be completed by a BLM crew and would require not more than three days. A rubber-tired backhoe would be used to install a springbox to collect only enough water to supply the trough. The crew would access the site using an existing two-track road which comes within approximately 50 m of the spring source. One short (< 150 m) water pipeline and associated trough would be installed outside of the exclosure as part of the proposed action (see map). Installation of the pipeline and water trough would be completed in accordance with specifications approved by BLM and standard operating procedures for construction of a buried livestock water pipeline and the corresponding water trough, including any necessary reclamation or revegetation of areas disturbed by the installation. The pipeline would be buried using a rubber-tired backhoe or trenching machine. Fencing material would be either standard four-strand barbed wire or metal pipe rail.

The proposed action would be completed during summer 2009. BLM would be responsible for maintenance of the project. A preliminary Environmental Assessment evaluating the effects of the proposed action will be available for review following this public scoping period.

Contact: Cam Collins, Wildlife Biologist
Phone: (775) 289-1800

White Rock Spring Riparian Exclosure

Last updated: 05-05-2009