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Proposed Murphy Gap and South Coal Valley Allotment Boundary Fence and Coal Valley Pipeline and Trough

The proposed action is to construct approximately 11.8 miles of fence along the boundary of the Murphy Gap Allotment (10110) and The South Coal Valley Allotment (10120) and install a pipeline from Baseline Canyon Well #2 (existing well) to a trough located  1 ¼ miles south.

The following is the location of the proposed allotment boundary fence:
T 1S, 59E sections 3, 10, 15, 22, 27, 34, 35
T2S, R59E sections 2, 1
T2S, R60E sections 6, 5
T1N, R59E sections 27, 34

The following is the location of the proposed pipeline and trough:
T1N, R59E sections 21, 28, and 33

As proposed, the pipeline would cross the (existing) allotment boundary fence between Coal Valley Lake Allotment (10108) and Murphy Gap Allotment (10110). Pipeline construction includes the installation of the pipeline below the ground surface by the use of trenching machinery.  Surface and soil disturbance would be limited to use of equipment within the pipeline alignment and at the water trough site. 

The proposed water trough location was chosen because of the proximity of an existing road and due to the opportunity to place the trough at a low elevation relative to the well.  An elevation differential is required for the pipeline to function properly.  Installation of the pipeline and water trough would be completed in accordance with specifications approved by BLM and standard operating procedures for construction of a buried livestock water pipeline and the corresponding water trough, including any necessary reclamation or revegetation of areas disturbed by the installation. New road construction would not be included for this project but a two-track road would be created and remain visible until vegetation is restored.

John Uhalde & Co. (permittee) proposes to construct the proposed pipeline and water trough in order to make beneficial use and deliver a portion of the Uhalde water into the nearby Murphy Gap Allotment for use by their livestock each winter. A cooperative agreement would be established.

Construction of the fence would be completed through a contractor.  The drift fence would be the standard BLM 4-wire fence (three barbed wire strands and one smooth wire strand) and steel T-posts. Fence design criteria would include the selection of designs that would not restrict movement of either mule deer or pronghorn antelope.
Two cattleguards would be needed, one at each of the two major road crossings; these roads are improved but not paved; there are no paved roads in Coal Valley.  One cattleguard would be installed in Section 27 T1S R59E, and a second cattleguard would be installed in Section 5 T2S R60E.  New road construction would not be included for the proposed fenceline, but a two-track road would be created and remain visible until vegetation is restored along the fenceline alignment.  Gates would be constructed at corners, intersections with two-track roads, and adjacent to cattleguards.  

The need for the proposal is to limit/prevent cattle from drifting from adjacent Allotments to the Murphy Gap Allotment.  Restricting livestock movement will help reduce unauthorized use (trespass) and allow for better livestock control and enhance range/habitat management. The proposed project would support the BLM and permittee in meeting the standards and guidelines for upland sites, riparian and habitat established by the Resource Advisory Council (RAC) for the Northeastern Great Basin Area on the Thirty Mile Spring Allotment and adjacent grazing allotments.

A preliminary Environmental Assessment evaluating effects of the proposed action will be available for review following this scoping period.

Contact:  Gina Jones
Phone:  (775) 289-1881

Coal Valley Drift Fence and Pipeline Map

Last updated: 02-11-2009