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Maverick Springs Storage Tank Summary


The proposed action is to install a permanent water storage tank with a short pipe into a livestock watering trough in the Maverick Springs Range on the Maverick Springs Allotment/Buck and Bald HMA (see map).  The site is currently a water haul site where the permittee leaves their water tanker on site to serve as a water storage tank.  Water flows from the tanker into a livestock watering trough.  This project will involve the installation of a permanent, 6,000 gallon storage tank to replace the tanker.  The storage tank will be placed so that the system will be gravity fed eliminating the need to pump water.  The existing trough will be used with the new storage tank and will be moved slightly to facilitate this new tank.  All materials and labor will be supplied by the livestock grazing permittee (Raymond and Sandy Rosenlund).  Construction will be in conformance with BLM construction specifications and would begin this fall.


The need for the proposal is to make the site a permanent livestock water source thereby improving livestock distribution across the Maverick Springs Allotment and enhancing range and habitat management.  The nearest water sources are over two miles away from the project location.  This project would support the BLM and permittee in meeting the standards and guidelines for upland, riparian, and habitat established by the Nevada Northeastern Great Basin Resource Advisory Council (RAC) for the Northeastern Great Basin Area.


Contact:  Amanda Wright

Phone:  (775) 289-1855


Last updated: 11-10-2008