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Ernest H. Gubler on Cattle Camp/Cove Allotments

The purpose and need for the action is to fully process and renew the term grazing permit and reissue a permit for Ernest H. Gubler, Inc. (Janice Willfong) on Cattle Camp/Cave Valley (00903) and Cove (00817) Allotments. Cattle Camp/Cave Valley Allotment is located in two watersheds South Steptoe and Cave Valley. Cove Allotment is located in the White River Central Watershed. The current grazing term permit was issued for the period from 03/01/1998 to 02/28/2018. Total grazing use for this permit is 7,127 AUMs of which 4,704 AUMs are active use and 2,423 AUMs are suspended nonuse. The term permit currently authorizes 391 cattle from 1/1 to  4/30 on the Cove Allotment and 500 cattle from 5/15 to 11/22 on the Cattle Camp/Cave Valley Allotment. An evaluation of the range monitoring data and rangeland health will be conducted for the Cattle Camp/Cave Valley and Cove Allotments. This data will be summarized in a Standards Determination Document that will be provided for public review at a later date.

Cattle Camp/Cave Valley Allotment is located in White Pine County Nevada (T. 12N. R. 64-65E. sections: several; T. 11N, R. 63-65E. sections: several; T. 10N., R. 63-64E. sections: several) Cattle Camp/Cave Valley Allotment consists of 75,846 acres of public land. This allotment is made up of 7 pastures to help manage a rest-rotation grazing system.
Cove Allotment is located in Nye County Nevada (T. 10N. R. 59-61E. sections: several; T. 09N., R.59-60E. sections: several) Cove Allotment consists of 26,538 acres of public land. This allotment is made up of 1 large pasture.
Cattle Camp/Cave Valley Allotment is not part of a wild horse herd management area (HMA).
A portion of the Cove Allotment is within the White River HMA. This HMA has been gathered twice in recent years; once in July 2004 and again in August 2005. These gathers, combined, collected 406 wild horses. This HMA has an appropriate management level of 90 wild horses. The current population estimate is at 95 horses as of January 2008.
Cattle Camp/Cave Valley Allotment is all considered either yearlong or winter key habitat for elk. The allotment provides yearlong deer habitat throughout and summer key habitat in the northeast part. Pronghorns habitat is primarily in the north portion of the allotment. Occupied bighorn sheep habitat has been identified in the high elevation in a small southeast portion of the allotment. 
Cove Allotment includes primarily winter habitat for elk, with some yearlong habitat in the western portion. Pronghorn habitat is also found in most of the allotment. The western portion of the allotment is considered key winter season habitat.
Cattle Camp/Cave Valley Allotment: The allotment is within the Cave Valley Population Management Unit for Sage Grouse. Most of the allotment includes habitat for sage grouse, either nesting, summer, winter, or yearlong. Seven leks have been found within the allotment.
Cove Allotment: The allotment is within the Quinn Population Management Unit for Sage Grouse. Although the allotment includes both summer and yearlong sage grouse habitat, there are no known leks within the area. Ferruginous hawks have had several known nesting locations within this allotment. Currant milkvetch is a BLM Sensitive Species whose range has been identified as occurring in the western portion of the allotment.
Cove Allotment has suffered from the drought. An option is being considered to rest the allotment for one or two years, to allow for the vegetation to recover.
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Allotment map for Cave Valley/Cove Allotments
Last updated: 11-10-2008