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Public Education

An elementary school student operates the lights and sirens on a BLM fire engine.  The Ely District regularly educates young people about fire safety and prevention through the local schools.Educating the public on how to live safer in high fire hazard environments is a vital part of the Ely District’s mission to manage wildland fires and educate the public about the natural resource benefits that wildland fires can provide, as well as the danger of unwanted wildfires. The District works closely with cooperator agencies to ensure a unified fire safety message is given to the public.

The BLM participates in the Living With Fire program in collaboration with the Nevada Association of Counties, Nevada Fire Safe Council, Nevada Insurance Council, Nevada Division of Forestry, Sierra Front Wildfire Cooperators, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and U.S. Forest Service.An elementary school student suppresses an imaginary wildfire with assistance from a BLM firefighter.  Young people carry and share the fire safety and prevention message throughout their lifetimes, beginning with their parents.

The BLM also participates in the national multi-agency Firewise Communities program, which involves homeowners, community leaders, planners and developers, and others in an effort to protect people, property and natural resources from the risk of wildland fire – before a fire starts.

Last updated: 05-20-2013