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Fuels Management

Fuels projects in the Ely District are part of larger-scale watershed health maintenance and restoration projects, based on the watershed analysis process. The Ely District fuels management program focuses on protecting communities and our natural resources while providing for local economic opportunities.  The program utilizes, to the greatest extent possible, collaborative approaches that reduce risk to eastern Nevada’s public and private lands, and provide rural economic opportunities through community wildfire protection plans, fuels treatments, biomass utilization, contracting and consultations.

The District works closely with homeowners, communities, fire departments, government agencies and tribes to develop and implement hazardous fuels treatments designed to reduce the risks of catastrophic wildland fire to people, communities, and natural resources and restore rangeland and woodland ecosystems.

Fuels treatment objectives are to modify the amount, structure, and continuity of flammable vegetation to reduce fire occurrence and intensity, and risks posed by wildfire.  Treatments are planned for and implemented within the wildland urban interface communities as well as outside communities in the surrounding ecosystem.  Treatments are typically accomplished through mechanical thinning, the use of prescribed fire, seeding of native species, herbicide application or a combination of these methods.

Last updated: 05-17-2013