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Fire Suppression

The Ely District has 10 engine crews; three in Caliente, five in Ely and two in Pony Springs.  The Ely District fire management program provides fire suppression services on approximately 11.5 million acres of agency-administered public lands in Lincoln, White Pine and a portion of Nye counties, as well as 2 million additional acres as a member of Ely Interagency Fire Management.  Topography and vegetation range from cholla cacti and Joshua trees in the southern portion of the district to annual and perennial grasses, sagebrush, and pinion-juniper woodlands in the northern portion of the district, with aspen, fir and mountain mahogany in the higher elevations.

The District has three strategically located fire stations: Caliente, Ely and Pony Springs.  The fire stations ensure that BLM wildland fire personnel are located as close as possible to potential fire ignitions.The Helitack crew provides the Ely District with a safe, highly skilled and productive aerial firefighting resource.

The fire station in Caliente is located at the BLM Caliente Field Office and is home to three engine crews.  The fire station in Ely, located at the BLM Ely District Office, is home to five engine crews.  The Pony Springs fire station, located midway between Caliente and Ely, is home to two engine crews.

Additional aerial and ground resources are also made available, as needed.

Last updated: 05-20-2013