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Ely District

Fire Management

The setting sun is obscured by the North Schell Fire that in June 2012 burned 12,047 acres of Forest Service and public lands before being contained.The Ely District fire management program is diverse and dynamic, encompassing fire planning, predictive services, fuels management, fire suppression, emergency stabilization and rehabilitation, community assistance and protection, and public education.  The program’s top priority is public and firefighter safety.

The Ely District coordinates with other federal, state and local agencies as a member of Ely Interagency Fire Management.The District coordinates with other federal, state and local agencies as a member of Ely Interagency Fire Management.  Cooperation between our federal and non-federal partners, local communities and individuals has further advanced our fire management successes.

Protect Your Home from Wildfire

  • Keep trees/dense brush 30 feet from your home and remove dead vegetation.
  • Trim your trees’ lower branches at the trunk to keep fire from the roof.  Trim overhanging branches and clean the roof/gutters.
  • Keep flammable materials away from the house/garage.
  • Install spark arresters on small engines/equipment.  Keep fire tools within easy reach.
  • Mark your home’s access routes. Ensure that road signs and your address are clearly visible.  Maintain two exits from your home, and plan/practice emergency evacuation routes.
  • Keep a shovel/water nearby, and call 911 should a fire start.

Recreate Outdoors Safely

  • Drive only on existing roads and trails.
  • Stop and check beneath your vehicle for brush and grass that can ignite and spread a wildfire.
  • Unload and load your ATV in an open or cleared area.
  • Use approved campgrounds. Keep campfires small and the surrounding area clear of brush and debris.
  • Keep water and a shovel within easy reach and remember to drown the campfire and stir the ashes and check for heat.