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White Pine Energy Station - Draft EIS

The proposed White Pine Energy Station (WPES) is a coal-fired, water-cooled, electric power plant and associated ancillary facilities, to be located north of Ely in White Pine County.

The WPES would consist of up to two 500 to 800 megawatt (MW) power generation units with a total combined electrical capacity ranging from a nominal 500 MW to 1,600 MW.

Related facilities include, without limitation, a rail loop, coal unloading, handling and storage facilities, solid waste disposal facility, water storage and treatment facilities, evaporation pond, cooling towers, electric switchyard and support buildings.

Ancillary facilities would include wells, water pipeline (30' permanent width plus 30' additional construction width) and related facilities, rail spur (100' width), access road (35' width) and electric transmission facilities, which include electric transmission lines (generally 200' width) and two electric substations.

The power plant and ancillary facilities would be located in mostly flat terrain within Steptoe Valley, with the electric transmission line following a designated utility corridor which crosses the Egan Range, through Butte Valley, terminating at a proposed electric substation near Robinson Summit.

Maps of the proposed location of the WPES and ancillary facilities:
North Section   South Section

The proposed power plant development area and ancillary facilities would encompass approximately 2,800 acres:
--1,300 acres would be required for the power plant site and access
--1,250 acres would be used for ancillary facilities
--250 acres would be used for temporary construction laydown for the ancillary facilities.
Section information for facilities general location.

Draft EIS Content:

We have updated the Draft EIS content with maps, tables, and other information.  As a result, you may experience longer download times.  This is due to the amount of images and tables added to the Draft EIS, to make the DEIS complete for web viewing. 

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The pages of the Draft EIS are in Adobe PDF Format.  You can obtain a free copy of Adobe Reader from the "Get Adobe Reader" link on the bottom of this page.

If you would like a hard-copy or CD-ROM copy of the Draft EIS, Please contact:

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