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The Lincoln County Land Act of 2000

Public Law 106-298

The Lincoln County Land Act (LCLA), P.L. 106-298, was passed by Congress and signed into law in October 2000. The LCLA provides for the disposal of public land within Lincoln County into which 85% of the revenue generated by land sales in Lincoln County is deposited into a special account in the United States Treasury. The remaining 15% is paid to the State of Nevada (5%) and to Lincoln County (10%).

The LCLA authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to expend without further appropriation the revenue deposited in the LCLA Account for: 
  • Inventory, evaluation, protection, and management of unique archeological resources in Lincoln County.
  • Development of a Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) in Lincoln County.
  • Reimbursement of costs incurred by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in preparing sales under the LCLA, or other authorized sales within Lincoln County.
  • Processing public land use authorizations and rights-of-way stemming from development of the conveyed land.
  • Acquisition of environmentally sensitive land or interest in land in the State of Nevada, with priority given to land outside of Clark County. 

Last updated: 06-17-2013