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Lincoln County Archaelogical Initiative LogoAdministered by the Bureau of Land Management to support archaeological projects in Lincoln County and to carry out the archaeological provisions of the Lincoln County Land Act of 2000: Public Law 106-298 and the Lincoln County Conservation, Recreation, Development Act of 2004: Public Law 108-424.

Archaeological Resources Team

The Archaeological Resources Team consists of archaeologists and representatives from state and federal agencies, the Lincoln County Commission, and local tribes. The purpose of the team is to review and rank the Lincoln County Archaeological Initiative project nominations. The team members meet twice a year. At the first meeting, the team creates an initial ranking of the nominations that is distributed for public comment. The second meeting follows the public comment. At that time, the team considers the comments and makes a final decision on the ranking of the nominations and the number of nominations to be recommended for funding. The Archaeological Resources Team recommendation is then forwarded to the Interagency Working Group.

Last updated: 01-13-2011