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Release Date: 09/24/10
Contacts: Chris Hanefeld , 775-289-1842 ,
News Release No. 2010-60

BLM Offers to Lead Public to Silver King Gather Observation Areas

Ely, Nev. – Due to the large area encompassed by the Silver King Herd Management Area (HMA), the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is offering to lead and direct interested members of the public and media to designated viewing areas on non-scheduled observation days.  Members of the public may either travel on their own, or may go to the rendezvous location and follow a BLM employee to that day’s gather site.
For more information or to sign up, call Chelsey Falge, BLM Ely District administrative clerk, at (775) 289-1800. The BLM will identify the daily rendezvous time and place to meet and visitors safely follow the BLM to the observation area. The BLM also will regularly post gather information on its Website at:
The Silver King Wild Horse Gather is scheduled to start Saturday, September 25, 2010. About 546 excess wild horses will be gathered and removed from in and around the Silver King HMA in Lincoln County, about 90 miles south of Ely, Nev. There will be no closure of the public lands and therefore, the public lands within the Silver King HMA will be open to the public during the gather operations, subject to necessary safety restrictions. The BLM has established protocols for non-scheduled and scheduled public observation days, which are available at
Non-Scheduled Observation Days
Individuals will be directed to the designated observation area by BLM personnel and informed of behavioral rules (such as remaining quiet and still to ensure a safe and effective gather operation).  Individuals attempting to move outside a designated observation area will be requested to move back to the designated area, or, in the event that individuals fail to comply with the necessary safety precautions, they will be required to leave the site.
A failure to comply with the safety rules and precautions put in place during the gather may result in citation or arrest as the failure to remain within the designated observation areas poses a threat to the safety of BLM personnel and contractors, members of the public and to the wild horses.  If there are changes in circumstances that may pose additional risks to health, public safety or the safety of wild horses (such as weather, lightening, wildfire, etc.), BLM will provide further safety instructions at the gather and/or holding sites.
Scheduled Public Observation Days
The BLM has tentatively scheduled observation days on Tuesday, Sept. 28 and Tuesday, Oct. 5, to provide the media and public opportunities to view gather activities. The dates are subject to change depending upon weather and gather operations.  Scheduled days provide visitors more opportunity to interact with BLM staff and will include escorted opportunities to observe the animals at the gather and holding corrals. For more information or to sign up, call Chelsey Falge, BLM Ely District administrative clerk, at (775) 289-1800. The BLM will also regularly post gather information on its Website at:
The gathered animals will be transported to the Gunnison Prison Wild Horse Facility at Gunnison Utah and the Indian Lakes Facility near Fallon, Nevada, where they will be prepared and offered for adoption to qualified individuals through the BLM Adopt-A-Horse or Burro Program. Wild horses for which there is no adoption demand will be placed in long-term pastures where they will be humanely cared for and retain their “wild” status and protection under the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. The BLM does not sell or send any horses to slaughter. 
For more information, contact Chris Hanefeld, BLM Ely District public affairs specialist, at (775) 289-1842 or

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Last updated: 09-24-2010