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BLM Nevada News
FOR RELEASE:  Friday, Dec. 7, 2007
CONTACT:  Chris Hanefeld, (775) 289-1842; chris_hanefeld@nv.blm.gov

BLM to Gather Wild Horses from Antelope Valley and Antelope HMAs

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is gathering excess wild horses from two herd management areas (HMAs) in northeastern Nevada to prevent a decline in wild horse health because of overpopulation and insufficient forage caused by drought conditions.

The BLM will gather and remove an estimated 400 wild horses from the Antelope Valley HMA and 550 from the Antelope HMA. The appropriate management levels (AML) for the HMAs is 23-38 for Antelope Valley and 194-324 for Antelope.

“We’re gathering these horses now while they’re healthy,” said BLM Ely Field Manager John Ruhs.  “In 60-90 days that is not going to be the case.  These are planned gathers that we've moved up because there just isn't enough forage to support this many animals."

The BLM and area permittees are reducing livestock use within the affected HMAs, too.

The gather will serve to maintain AML and a thriving natural ecological balance among wild horse populations, wildlife, livestock, vegetation, and improve watershed health.

The gathered horses will be transported to the National Wild Horse and Burro Center in Palomino Valley and other facilities near Reno, Nev., and the Delta Corrals, in Delta, Utah, to be prepared for adoption through the BLM’s Adopt-a-Horse-or-Burro Program.  To learn more about the program or to obtain an application, call toll-free (866) 4-MUSTANGS or visit the BLM Wild Horse and Burro website at www.wildhorseandburro.blm.gov.  Potential adopters can also call the National Wild Horse and Burro Center, in Palomino Valley, at (775) 475-2222.

For more information about the Antelope Valley and Antelope HMA Wild Horse Gather, contact Chris Hanefeld, BLM Ely Field Office public affairs specialist, at (775) 289-1842 or at chris_hanefeld@nv.blm.gov.  You may also visit www.blm.gov/nv/ and click on the Ely Field Office.

PHOTO CAPTION: "Wild horses photographed during an October 2007 census flight.  The horses are in the Antelope Herd Management Area on the White Pine County side of the Elko/White Pine County division fence.  Note the dry conditions and lack of vegetation."


Last updated: 12-07-2007