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Quarter Circle Five Ranch Permit (Jeff Gardner) on the White Rock Allotment (0902)

The legal location of that portion of the White Rock Allotment permitted to Quarter Circle Five Ranch is as follows: 
T. 12N., R. 62E., several sections
T. 13N., R. 61, 62E., many sections
T. 14N., R. 61, 62E., many sections 

That portion of the White Rock Allotment grazed by Quarter Circle Five Ranch that encompasses approximately 32,000 public land acres.

The purpose and need for the action is to fully process and renew a permit for Quarter Circle Five Ranch (Jeff Gardner) on the White Rock Allotment (0902).   The current term permit authorizes 2,128 AUMs of cattle use with a season of use from 3/01 to 2/28. Grazing use occurs in two fenced pastures of the allotment. The cattle numbers and season of use vary by pasture. The current term permit has been issued for the period 03/01/2006 to 02/28/2016. Cattle are the authorized kind of livestock. An evaluation of the range monitoring data will be conducted for the White Rock Allotment. This data will be summarized in a Standards Determination Document. The grazing permit area occurs entirely within White Pine County, and is situated in the central portion of the Ely District BLM, approximately 20 miles south and west of Ely, Nevada. The permit area occurs within the White River North (160A) and White River Central (160B) Watersheds.   The term permit will be issued in accordance with Title 43 CFR 4130.2(a), “Grazing permits or leases shall be issued to qualified applicants to authorize use on the public lands and other lands under the administration of the Bureau of Land Management that are designated as available for livestock grazing through land use plans.”
Contact: Mark Lowrie
Phone: 775 289-1888
Project status for all projects is public scoping.

Allotment map for White Rock Allotment
Last updated: 04-09-2008