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Grazing permit for Fenton Bowler (2705005) on the Barclay Allotment (11004)

The purpose and need for the action is to fully process the renewal of the grazing permit for Fenton Bowler on the Barclay Allotment (11004). The permit authorizes Fenton Bowler to graze up to 12 cows from 5/16-11/15 for a total of 73 active animal unit months (AUM) of use on the Barclay Allotment.  The issuance of the term permit would be for a period of not more than 10 years. 
Allotment Number and NameLivestock Number/Kind

Grazing Period

% Public LandType UseAUMs
Barclay (11004)12 Cattle5/16 - 11/15100Active73

Allotment Summary   
Allotment Number/NameActive UseSuspendedPermitted Use
Barclay 1100470139209

An evaluation of the rangeland monitoring data and rangeland health will be conducted for the Barclay Allotment. This data will be summarized in a standards determination document which will be available for public review at a later date.
The allotment is located 15 miles southeast of Caliente, Nevada in Miller Flat Valley. The allotment is located partially within the Clover Mountain Wilderness and Tunnel Spring Wilderness areas. The Barclay Allotment encompasses 81,960 acres of BLM managed lands. General Location: Portions of T. 6, 7 and 8 S. R. 68, 69 and 70 E. All in Lincoln County, Nevada.
Contact Information:
Troy A. Grooms
Rangeland Management Specialist
(775) 726-8100

Barclay Allotment Map
Last updated: 05-02-2008