Elko District Office/Law Enforcement
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Law Enforcement

The BLM's law enforcement program is responsible for protecting public safety and resources across the nation's 264 million acres of BLM-managed public land, which it does in partnership with state and local law enforcement agencies. The BLM has approximately 200 BLM law enforcement officers, some of whom patrol an area as large as 1.8 million acres, law enforcement personnel perform a wide variety of tasks, including:

- protecting cultural and historical sites, such as petroglyphs, from vandalism;

- locating and eradication drug-manufacturing laboratories and marijuana cultivation sites;

- ensuring the humane treatment of wild horses and burros;

- guarding against the dumping of hazardous wastes and other pollutants;

- preventing theft and damage of timber, rare cactus plants, minerals, and other valuable publicly-owned resources.

The Elko Field Office comprises 7 million acres of public lands.

Illegal Dumping on Public Lands Illegal trash dumping

Those caught dumping trash or industrial waste may be issued a citation for violation of 43 CFR 8365.1-1(b)(4).

Trash dumping is a problem in areas where BLM lands are near cities and towns. Please help us to keep public lands clean and safe! Report illegal dumping.


Illegal wood cuttingIllegal wood cutting on public lands

Wood cutting on public lands requires a permit. The wood must be taken from designated wood cutting areas or be dead and down. Loads must be tagged when transported, or you maybe in violation of 43 CFR 5462.2 (b)(2).



The BLM protects the resources so all may enjoy public lands safely. To report illegal activity, please call our District Office (775)753-0200.

For more information on DOI-BLM Law Enforcement Program, visit the National Law Enforcement website.

Last updated: 10-20-2011