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Circle A Construction’s Dry Creek Millsite, USA Bond Release Application

The public is invited to comment on an application from Circle A Construction, to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Wells Field Office for a final bond release on the Dry Creek Millsite, case file NVN-070565, located south of Contact, Nev.

Construction activities began at the site in 1991. The site was used as a campsite and staging area for the Big Ledge Mine, which is still in operation. Reclamation and closure activities started in 2005 and approximately 6.5 acres was completed in 2009. During 2009 and 2012, the BLM and Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) completed multiple joint inspections to monitor the reclamation success for the site. In January 2012, Circle A submitted a final request to the BLM for a final inspection of the site for re-vegetation success. The BLM completed an inspection of the site in August 2012and determined that re-vegetation success was acceptable except in areas reclaimed with jig tailings from the Big Ledge Mine. However, in May 2013, NDEP recommended a full release of the project based on site specific re-vegetation success in regards to the drought conditions in the area. After review of the re-vegetation success, BLM agrees with NDEP’s recommendation and will pursue a full release of the reclamation bond for the project.

In accordance with 43 CFR 3809.590(c), the public has 30 days to comment before the bond release procedures may begin. Unless provided substantive evidence is submitted for reconsideration of this decision, the release of the financial guarantee will occur on or after Aug. 26, 2013. The point of contact about this bond release is Whitney Wirthlin, geologist at (775) 753-0342 or by email at wwirthli@blm.gov.

Photo of reclaimed road for Dry Creek Mill Site
Reclaimed roadway into Dry Creek Mill Site

Last updated: 07-26-2013