California Trail Days 2014 - May 31 & June 1, 2014

Shoshone Village with Native American crafts, tools and toys on displayA trapper displays his hides and clothingBlack powder demonstration with rifles and men in period costume
A Shoshone village was adjacent to the pioneer camp displaying the lifestyles of Great Basin Native Americans. Trapping and tanning were essential elements of early pioneer life. A black powder demonstration showed attendees how early rifles were used for hunting and defense.
Two pony express re-enactors on horseback demonstrating mail delivery in the old westDr. Quackenbush demonstrates reading the bumps on people's heads on a small boyBlacksmith demonstrating making tools and horseshoes with open fire
A pony express demonstration showed how mail was delivered before the railroad crossed into the West.Dr. Quackenbush (Briant Hall)demonstrates his ability to read people by feeling the bumps on their heads.A blacksmith was needed for a successful journey to the West Coast.
A pioneer man demonstrates making shoes by handJeff Williams displays his collection of antique rifles and pistolsChildren examine the brand of an adopted wild burro
Before assembly lines and sewing machines, shoes were hand-stitched.Jeff Williams shows off his impressive display of antique rifles, muskets and pistols.Kristine Dedolph, range technician, and Dora, a BLM burro, were on hand at Trail Days. Here, Kristine points out Dora's BLM brand and explains how BLM marks wild burros before they are adopted