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Elko District Office/Recreation


A. Hubbard Basin petrified wood. 37 miles north of Wells, Nevada on Highway 93. Turn west; travel northwest on dirt roads, past Antelope Springs. Petrified wood site is about 13 miles from the pavement.

B. Texas Spring Canyon Petrified wood. 25 miles north of Wells, Nevada on Highway 93. Turn east at Wilkins. Petrified wood is found in multicolored hills on north side of Texas Springs Canyon about 25 miles northeast of Wilkins. Private land at Texas Springs.

C. Goose Creek petrified wood. A remote site about 40 miles east of Jackpot in section 6, T.46N., R.69E.

D. Black shale pit on east side of road, 4 miles north of Elko on Highway 225. Crinoids, brachiopods, corals, ammonites are found in brown limestone above shale. Walk up road to another outcrop of limestone on right.

E. Carlin Canyon angular unconformity. Not a collecting locality but "famous" because of John McPhee's book Basin & Range. 4 miles east of Carlin and northwest of Carlin Tunnel where the Humboldt River makes a "U" shaped bend- Look to the north in the canyon wall.

F. Merrimac District copper, lead, zinc, magnetite, tungsten. 21 miles north of Elko on Highway 225. Turn west at Dinner Station or at Fox Springs Ranch. Numerous old mines ring Lone Mtn; some are private, some have active claims.

G. Barth Mine hematite, apatite, magnetite. 8 miles south of Carlin on Highway 278. Turn right toward Palisade, follow Humboldt River to Barth pit~ about 6 miles from paved road. Private land.

H. Ferdelford Canyon crinoids, brachiopods, corals. 13 miles south of Carlin on Highway 278. Tam east at ranch. Fossils are in round orange hills on north side of road just before the cliffs, about 2.5 miles up the dirt road.

I. Agate, jasper, chalcedony in a broad area 32 miles north of Deeth.

J. Bullion Road gray to carnelian colored chalcedony and agate. Follow Bullion Rd. west 5 miles then south 2 miles. Chalcedony is area near the juniper trees to the east.

K. Larrabee Mining District barite & calcite. 27 miles south of Carlin on Highway 278. Pit is 7 miles off highway to east, in section 5, T.28N., R. 53E

L. Copper Mountain (Lucin District) malachite, azurite, chrysocolla, galena. 25 miles north of Oasis, in the hills east of Montello.

M. Delcer Buttes (Delker Mining District) malachite, azurite, chrysocolla, galena. 45 miles south of Wells. in hills to the west

N. Hot Springs Point travertine & sulfur. 13 miles south of Beowawe

O. Mineral Hill copper and silver minerals on old mine dumps. 37 miles south of Carlin on highway 278. Mineral Hill is east of the highway. Some private land.

P. Spruce Mountain District lead, zinc, copper minerals on dumps. 40 miles south of Wells, mountain to the east. Most of this area is private.

Q. Contact Mining District copper minerals on old dumps. Go north on dirt road from Contact and west at old green trailer. Most of this area is private.

Rockhounding Area Map

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Rockhounding Area Map

Rules and Regulations for Rock Hounding


Gold and silver may be prospected for with hand tools including pans and metal detectors. Minerals such as gold, silver and opals found on mining claims belong to the claim holder. Mining claim records may be viewed at BLM and county recorder offices. Sluicing, dredging and commercial mining require permits. Recreational panning which does not involve mechanical equipment is permitted in wilderness and wilderness study areas if it does not create surface disturbance or impair the environment. Saleable minerals, such as sand, gravel, cinders, topsoil and other common mineral materials must be purchased by prior arrangement with the BLM.

Gemstones and common rock specimens may be collected for private use on unclaimed sites.
Commercial production of common rocks on an unclaimed site requires a permit. Only hobby collecting is allowed in wilderness and wilderness study areas and must not involve surface disturbance. Collection of prehistoric tools and chips made of precious or semiprecious stones is not allowed.


Vertebrate fossils such as dinosaurs, mammals, fishes and reptiles, and uncommon invertebrate fossils may be collected only by trained researchers under BLM permit. Collected fossils remain the property of all Americans and are placed with museums or other public institutions after study. Common invertebrate fossils such as plants, mollusks, and trilobites may be collected for personal use in reasonable quantities, but may not be bartered or sold.
Petrified wood may be collected up to 25 pounds plus one piece per person per day, with a maximum of 250 pounds per person per year. Permits are required for pieces over 250 pounds. Petrified wood may not be traded, bartered or sold without permit.