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Off Highway Vehicle Use

The majority of the District is classified as "open" to off-road vehicle use. Opportunities vary from well-maintained gravel roads to hundreds of miles of primitive, back country "two-tracks".

The Wilderness Study Areas and the areas within the Special Recreation Management Areas have "limited" OHV designations. Visitors are requested to stay on existing roads and two-track routes, rather than driving cross-country.

Visitors are encouraged to follow the "Tread Lightly!" guidelines by:

  • Traveling only where permitted, and following already established routes
  • Respecting others rights, including private landowners
  • Educating yourself by using maps and following signs
  • Avoiding animals, stream banks, meadows, muddy trails, steep hillsides, etc.
  • Driving and traveling responsibly to protect the environment.

 Spruce Mountain

Old Mining towns on Spruce Mountain

As the Spruce Mountain Area becomes more popular, it is important for visitors to know that the area is resource sensitive and the following guidelines should be followed when visiting the area.

A Federal Register Notice was issued in 2006 that limits Off Highway Vehicles in the area. This means that all motorized vehicles must stay on existing roads and trails, no cross-country travel is allowed by motorized vehicles. This limitation is to prevent the creation of new roads and trails in the area and protect wildlife habitat.

The National Historic Preservation Act prohibits the collecting of historic, (50 years) or prehistoric artifacts. This includes glass, metal, and wood siding of off structures. Please help protect our history. Violations can be reported to the local Sheriff’s Office, the BLM Office at 775-753-0200 or the Elko Dispatch Center at 775-748-4000 after hours.

The Spruce Mountain Area is a sensitive wildlife area and as such visitors should be respectful of wildlife, especially in the winter months when food is scarce. Please stay on existing roads and give wildlife their space.

There are informational kiosks throughout the Spruce Mountain Area. They contain additional information such as maps and guidelines. If you would like further information, please contact the BLM Office in Elko at 775-753-0200.

Last updated: 12-31-2012