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Firewood Cutting within Elko District


Overview map of wood cutting areas

Maps (These are not all cutting areas):

Carlin Selective Greenwood

Williams Canyon Selective Greenwood/Cave Hill Post Harvest Area

Charley Greenwood Area/Hoppie Canyon Burn Area

Morgan Basin Greenwood Area

Phalen Creek Burn Area

Sadler Fire Burn Area

Spring Mountain Burn Area/Indian Well Selective Greenwood

Wood Hills Selective Greenwood/Wood Hills Burn Area

Firewood Cutting areas legals

Greenwood AreasTownshipRangeSection(s)
Charley Canyon40 N68 E20 and 28
Wood Hills37 N63 E18 and 30
Morgan Basin32 N68 E 
Elko (Indian Well)31 N54 E13, 23-26 and 36
 31 N55 E7-8, 17-20 and 30-31





Deadwood AreasTownshipRangeSection(s)
Spring Mountain Burn32 N53 E 
Phalen Creek Burn28 N63 E 
Twin Springs Burn28 N63 E4
*Spruce Chainings30 and 31 N68 E 
Valley Mountain Chaining31 N62 E17, 19 and 20
*Spruce Ridge Burn31 N63 E 
*Neptune Burn (Spruce/Independence Valley)32 N64 and 65 E27 (north half) 28-29, 30 (north half)
Wood Hills Burn36 N63 and 64 E 
Hoppie Canyon Burn40 N68 E 
Sulphur Spring27 and 28 N53 E 
Baily Mountain28 N54 E 
Wagon Box Burn45 and 46 N54 E 
Delano Mountain Burn43 and 44 N55 E 
Rabbit Burn (Medicine Range Burn)26 and 27 N63 E 
South Cricket Burn37 - 40 N63 and 64 E 
Union Pass (South Sadler)26 and 27 N52 and 53 E 
Sadler Complex Burn25 to 31 N52 to 55 E 

*Spruce Area Only: No off road travel allowed. Stay on existing roads.

Last updated: 11-14-2013