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Christmas Tree Cutting Regulations

  • Tree permits are for personal use only. Resale permits are available under a separate permit system.
  • Pinyon pine and Utah juniper are the only trees available from BLM administered lands. Other tree species, such as white fir, are not available for harvest.
  • Permits are valid on any BLM administered lands, except wilderness study areas (such as Goshute Mountain and South Pequop).
  • The maximum remaining stump height is six inches, with all live branches severed off.
  • If a tree is topped, please break down the remaining section of the tree and scatter the slash.
  • Tag the tree(s) as soon as they are cut. Tags are not valid unless they are attached to the tree.
  • Please keep your camp or picnic area clean and all trash removed from public lands. Remember, they are your public lands - Take pride in them.
  • All sales are final and not subject to refund.
  • Remember to tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return and check the weather before you go!

Christmas Tree Cutting Areas

Last updated: 12-31-2012