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Ruby Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew

The Ruby Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC) is looking for qualified, highly motivated, physically fit personnel to join our elite firefighting crew. The 2015 Fire Season was our fifteenth season as an established Hotshot Crew. Fifteen years in which we have built a foundation of high standards, quality work ethic and outstanding customer service. There was a strong core of returning personnel for the 2015 season. We expect the same for 2016. However, there may be a few positions open for the 2016 season, both permanent and seasonal.

Promotional Video 

Recruitment Presentation (PDF)

2015 Ruby Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew

Front row, left to right: Blake Harding, Nick Segura, Chris Freeborn, Sean Wiedenmann, Michael Tollefsrud, Justin Zabala, Zach Van Abbema, Chris Powell, Jake Lancaster.

Back row, left to right: Anthony Priore, Tim Hart, Craig Cunningham, Dave Bienvenue, Troy Thomas, Tyler Mollenberg, Rocket Stickney, Ray Davalos, Alexandra Dickenson, Jared Bell, Eric Molnar, Mackenzie Houston, Blaine Inglis.

Ruby Mountain IHC Crew Picture Archives 2001-Present

Job Openings/Applications

Interested applicants should apply by clicking on this link: Applying for Jobs with BLM Nevada Fire and Aviation. Interested applicants should expect vacancies to be listed on USAJOBS near mid-November. The hiring lists should be closed around mid-December and interviews will begin shortly thereafter. Individuals interested in a position or needing further assistance should call the Superintendent or Assistant (phone numbers below).

We encourage those needing further information on the crew and application process to begin establishing contact with the Superintendent or Assistant during the fall months and emails are always welcome (see below for more contact information).

Detail Opportunities
There may be opportunity for current agency employees and/or agency sponsored AD employees to detail as crewmembers for 2-3 week periods. Individuals who are not current or sponsored employees will not be considered for details. All details will be based on the current needs of the crew and number of available slots. Individuals who detail to the Ruby Mountain IHC will be expected to show up in outstanding physical and mental condition for the rigors associated with many of our work assignments.

To express interest in a crewmember detail you MUST have your current supervisor’s approval and fill out the RMHS Crewmember Detail Application. Information on sending the applications back to the IHC is included at the top of the “RMHS Crewmember Detail Application”. Please direct any questions to Craig Cunningham using the information listed below.

Smoke column in desert behind fire support truck.Contacts

Superintendent - Craig Cunningham
Phone: 775-753-0328
Cell:  775-934-7935

Assistant Superintendent - Troy Thomas
Phone: 775-753-0352
Cell: 775-934-0843

For information about the City of Elko and Elko County visit these links: - City of Elko - Elko Nevada Chamber of Commerce - Ruby Mountain Recreation Information

2015 Season Summary

Ruby Mountain Hotshots digging line downhillThe 2015 fire season for Ruby Mountain IHC began in May and ended in late September. The crew spent 76 days assigned to incidents. The crew traveled to Nevada, Arizona, California, and Idaho. Ruby Mountain IHC aided in the suppression of (4) Type 3 fires, and four highly complex (Type 1 & 2) incidents; Washington, Cape Horn, Cougar, and Tepee Springs fires. The crew averaged 22 individuals per incident while hosting additional detailers. 9 Position Task Books were initiated with another 12 completed year to date.

During the 2015 season we were able to host or accommodate enrollment into the following classes: Basic ICS (I-200), Intermediate ICS (I-300), Advanced ICS (I-400), Followership to Leadership (L-280), Fire line Leadership (L-380), Facilitative Instructor (M-410), Smoke Management Techniques (RX-410), Advanced Firefighter (S-131), Look Up, Look Down, Look Around (S-133), Portable Pumps (S-211), Wildland Fire Chain Saws (S-212), Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface (S-215), Ignition Operations (S-234), Task Force/Strike Team Leader (S-330), Advanced Fire Behavior Calculations (S-390). Total crew hours spent training to date is approximately 3,000.

Ruby Mountain IHC hosted 2 detailers throughout the 2015 fire season. We also accommodated 3 outgoing detail opportunities to pursue position task book completion and career enrichment.


                         Ruby Mountain Hotshot Operations BuildingRuby Mountain Hotshot Barracks 

                         Workout areaDumbbells in workout room

                         Ruby Mountain Hotshot Saw RoomOperations Building Training Room

                         Operations Building OfficesOperations Building Locker Room

                         Tool RoomStorage Area


The Ruby Mountain IHC fire facilities were completed in the spring of 2011 and have been fully operational since then. These facilities include three top of the line buildings comprised of two crew quarters and one operations building. Each crew quarters building has 10 dorm style rooms, 4 individual bathrooms with showers, laundry and storage rooms, double kitchens, as well as a large living/dining room. The operations building includes 7 office spaces, a training/meeting room, a state of the art fitness room, and a truck bay that houses locker rooms, tool/supply cache, hazmat shed and saw shop. For the 2016 season housing will be provided to crew members from outside the local area. In 2016 the housing fee will be approximately $70.50 per pay period. The rate will be comparable to the 2015 season.

Physical Training 

The crew participated in the “BLM Fitness Challenge” in 2015. The BLM Fitness Challenge is a competition created by the Navy SEALs and has recently been voluntarily adopted by many BLM personnel. To achieve a perfect score on the Fitness Challenge an individual must run an 8:00 minute 1.5 mile, do 120 push-ups in 3:00 minutes without breaking form, do 150 sit-ups in 3:00 minutes without breaking form and complete 25 pull-ups. In 2015 Ruby Mountain IHC had an overall average of 283 points on the fitness challenge. (The crew will strive to beat last year’s averages) Ruby Mountain IHC won the 2014 BLM IHC fitness challenge, which is a contest between the 11 BLM IHC’s in the country. In 2015 we finished second and our goal for 2016 is to win back the trophy.


For information on the Fitness Challenge go to: 


Ruby Mountain’s Physical Training Standards  

All personnel who are employed by the Ruby Mountain Hotshots are expected to meet the fitness standards listed below. Personnel should meet all standards during the same attempt.


Ruby Mountain IHC adheres to strict Physical Training (PT) standards and places great emphasis on team building exercises and drills. NO ONE ON RUBY MOUNTAIN IHC IS DONE WITH PT UNTIL EVERYONE IS DONE! While the “Typical Workouts” listed below might be used, we generally use those workouts as a default. In reality one can expect to participate in long duration hikes with practical drills built in, run hill repeats, participate in timed “gear up” drills, pull down 1-10-1 Pull-Up Pyramids and crank out intense plyometric drills. The Ruby Mountain overhead believes that team building and practical drills can be coupled with regular PT routines to achieve a more relevant physical product. We will strive to make daily fitness routines physically and mentally demanding at every opportunity and expect all Ruby Mountain employees to place a high level of value on Physical Training maintaining a highly competitive and motivated spirit.


It is highly recommended that all tentatively hired employees begin physical preparation as soon as possible for the upcoming season. Two-A-Days are meant to enhance the physical foundation one spends building during the winter, and will be very uncomfortable to those who show up unfit.


Expected Minimum Exercise Performance:

1½ Mile run 10:30 Min. or less
Sit-ups 45 in 60 Sec.
Push-ups 30 in 60 Sec.
Pull-ups 7 for all body weights


HotShot Crew's Physical Training Program Typical Workout