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Elko Engines

The Elko District Fire and Aviation Engine program consists of three fire zones (West, Central and East), four fire stations (Carlin, Midas, Elko and Wells), three Fire Operations Supervisors (FOS), ten heavy engines and one light engine.  The Forest Service also has a heavy engine that is stationed in Elko.

 Four BLM Fire Engines parked on Barth Fire

These engines along with Elko Helitack provide initial attack for the majority of the 12.5 million acres encompassed by the Elko District.  Working for the Elko District provides individuals with the opportunity to fight fire in the fast moving fuel types found in the Great Basin.  Engine personnel not only have the opportunity to perform an abundance of mobile attack, the Elko District has the ability to offer a variety of detail opportunities.  Elko District is also home to the Ruby Mountain Hotshots, Elko Helitack and the BIA Eastern Nevada Agency type II handcrew.  Working with or having a chance to detail on these crews helps our firefighters become well rounded and knowledgeable about suppression operations.

Job Openings/Applications

The Elko District Fire Engine program is looking for qualified, highly motivated, physically fit personnel to join our fire fighting team.   We expect a majority of our personnel to return for the upcoming fire season, however there will be a few positions open for the season both permanent and seasonal.

Interested applicants can learn about open jobs and how to apply by clicking on this link - Applying for Jobs with BLM Nevada Fire and Aviation. Interested applicants should expect vacancies to be listed on USAJOBS near the beginning of December. If you are interested in a position or need further assistance please contact one of the Fire Operations Supervisors.

We encourage those needing further information on the crew and application process to begin establishing contact with the Fire Operations Supervisors during the fall/winter months and emails are always welcome.

Contacts                                             Wildland Engine putting out wildfire

Carlin/Midas FOS – Tyler Hecht 
Phone: 775-754-6961 (Summer)
Phone: 775-753-0200 (Winter)

Elko FOS – Glen Uhlig
Phone: 775-753-0341

Wells FOS – Matt Murphy
Phone: 775-752-3183 (Summer)
Phone: 775-753-0200 (Winter)

For information about the City of Elko and Elko County visit these links: - City of Elko - Elko Nevada Chamber of Commerce - Ruby Mountain Recreation Information


All of the Elko District fire stations have single living barracks for employees to rent during the fire season.  The housing fee will be approximately $64 per pay period. Each station is also able to accommodate local training and has workout equipment.  Questions about living arrangements should be referred to the station Fire Operations Supervisor.

Physical Training

The Elko engines are encouraged to participate in the “BLM Fitness Challenge”. The BLM Fitness Challenge is a competition created by the Navy SEALs and has recently been voluntarily adopted by many BLM personnel. To achieve a perfect score on the Fitness Challenge an individual must run an 8:00 minute 1.5 mile, do 120 push-ups in 3:00 minutes without breaking form, do 150 sit-ups in 3:00 minutes without breaking form and complete 25 pull-ups.

For information on the Fitness Challenge go to: 

The Elko District engine program performs daily Physical Training (PT) during the fire season.  Physical training generally consists of running, sprinting, hiking, weight lifting, and calisthenics.  PT is performed in as a group to help foster group competition to push ourselves and to promote team building. 

It is highly recommended that all tentatively hired employees begin physical preparation as soon as possible for the upcoming season.  Below are the goals employees should strive to achieve.

Engine Exercise Performance Goal:

1½ Mile run 11:00 Min. or less
Sit-ups 40 in 60 Sec.
Push-ups 25 in 60 Sec.
Pull-ups 7 for all body weights

BLM Fire Engine fighting Wildfire on dirt road