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Tuesday, July 18, 2007, 8:00 a.m.
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Elko County Fires, Update #6


Elko, Nev. – Fire fighters in Elko County continue to make progress on area fires and brace for predicted strong winds today.

Ten fires are burning in Elko County, for a total of approximately 58,000 acres.
The 27,600 acre Hepworth Complex consists of the Hepworth Fire approximately 10 miles northwest of Wells, Nevada and the Stevens Fire about 20 miles west of Wells. The Hepworth Fire is 25,000 acres and 20% contained; and the Stevens Fire is 2,600 acres and 50% contained.

The estimated 13,000-acre Winecup Complex consists of the HD Summit Fire (8,960 acres) about 20 miles northeast of Wells and the 4,750-acre Scott Creek Fire burning 12 miles west of Jackpot. The complex is being managed by a Type I Incident Management Team (Broyles). The Team is also managing smaller fires reported yesterday and doing initial attack on new fires in a 3-million acre portion of Elko County.

The Twin Bridges Fire about 20 miles southwest of Spring Creek has burned about 2,000 acres and is expected to be contained later today. The Bob’s Flat 3 Fire has burned approximately 8,000 acres west of Carlin.

The Camp Creek Basin Fire about 20 miles west of Elko is estimated at 3,000 acres and the Petan Fire about 9,600 acres and is 100 miles northwest of Elko is estimated at 1,500 acres. The Sansinena Fire about 20 miles west of Carlin has burned approximately 2,000 acres.
The Red House Fire is burning near Maggie Creek 15 miles west of Elko and is estimated at 2,000 acres. The Medive Fire is approximately 45 acres and is 8 miles east of Wild Horse Reservoir.
An aerial reconnaissance flight is being flown this morning to get an accurate location and information on the fire(s).

“We’re preparing for another busy day,” said Nevada Division of Forestry Regional Forester Tom Turk. “We’re in Red Flag conditions today from 11 am to 9 pm for strong winds, high temperatures, and low humidity. We’re urging people to continue being extremely cautious with all outdoor activities.”

Fire restrictions in northern and central Nevada will be in effect until further notice. Lands involved include federal, state, tribal, and the Humboldt, Pershing, Lander, Eureka, Elko, Esmeralda, and Nye County Fire Protection Districts and portions of Washoe, Lyon, Churchhill, and White Pine counties. For more specific information go to: http://www.fire.blm.gov/restrictions.htm, http://www.fs.fed.us/r4/htnf/, http://www.forestry.state.nv.us, www.nifc.gov, http://gacc.nifc.gov/wgbc.


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