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DATE: June 12, 2007
CONTACT: Mike Brown, (775) 753-0386
Email: mbrown@nv.blm.gov


Find out how to protect your property from wildland fire at the Fire Fair July 12-14 at the Elko Convention Center. Defensible space presentations, vendors, technical sessions and tours are some of the activities at the event which is free to the public.

“The purpose of this event is to get as much information as possible to the public about fire prevention prior to or during fire season,” said Elko County Commissioner Sheri Eklund Brown. “We want people to know how to protect their homes and learn what local resources exist to help them. Elko County had two back-to-back severe fire seasons and we all need to work together to protect our communities and rangelands – agencies, fire fighters, and every homeowner.”

On Thursday, July 12, the focus will be on “defensible space” for homeowners, especially those who live at the rural-urban interface. Activities will begin at 2 pm in the Elko Convention Center, with two defensible space presentations. Concurrent with this, exhibitors from various fire management agencies, fire control equipment vendors, seed companies, weed control organizations, and others will have materials available for viewing and distribution at various booths. This will be followed by a free picnic on the Elko Convention Center grounds, sponsored by Elko County and the BLM. Another presentation on defensible space will be made at 7 pm for those who were unable to attend an earlier showing.

On Friday, July 13, a technical session on “Great Basin Fire Ecology and Vegetation Management” will be convened at the Elko Convention Center from 8 am to 5 pm. The session will focus on three major categories: the role of fire historically in Great Basin wildland vegetation, management implications for vegetation management, and tools for vegetation management. The goal of this session is to discuss management strategies that will reduce the size and intensity of wildland fires and sustain multiple uses values. Keynote speakers from the USDA Agricultural Research Service and Utah State University will be featured.

The third day of the event, Saturday, July 14, consists of two concurrent field tours. One tour will focus on defensible space for landowners living at the urban-rural interface, with firefighters making a hands-on defensible space demonstration. The other tour will consist of visits to recent wildland fire-impacted areas, areas of seeded/recovering vegetation, and vegetation management study plots approximately one hour’s drive form Elko. Sign-ups for both tours will take place during the events on Thursday and Friday. The field trips are also free and open to the public.

The Fire Fair is cooperatively sponsored by the Northeastern Nevada Stewardship Group, Nevada Fire Safe Council, Elko County, Nevada Cattlemen’s Association, local Volunteer Fire Departments, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, Nevada Division of Forestry, Nevada Department of Wildlife, Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

For more information on the Fire and Vegetation Management 2007 event, please call Joe Freeland (BLM) at 753-0200 or Kent McAdoo (Cooperative Extension) at 738-1251.


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