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DATE: May 30, 2006
CONTACT: Mike Brown (775) 753-0386
e-mail: Mike_Brown@nv.blm.gov


Elko, Nev.--The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Elko Field Office announces the availability of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for sensitive bird species on twelve grazing allotments in Elko County, Nev. The Final EIS is being distributed to everyone on its mailing list and BLM will be accepting comments on the Final EIS for 30 days until June 30, 2006.
BLM prepared the EIS in response to an order issued by Federal District Court (Nevada) in August 2004. The order was in response to a lawsuit filed by the Committee for Idaho’s High Desert (now Committee for the High Desert) and Western Watersheds Project on three final multiple use decisions for the Sheep Allotment Complex, Owyhee Allotment, and East and West Big Springs Allotments. The allotments combined cover 1,304,585 acres.
The Final EIS analyzes the impacts of grazing to raptors (including burrowing owls) and sage grouse in the Sheep Allotment Complex and the Owyhee Allotment, and sage grouse in the Big Springs Allotments. The Final EIS also evaluates impacts to springs, seeps, riparian areas, upland habitat, consistent with approved land use plans as they apply to these sensitive bird species.
As a result of public review of the Draft EIS through January 26, 2004, the grazing strategies for the action alternatives were modified to incorporate additional measures to protect sage grouse and the raptor species analyzed. Volume II of the document includes all of the comment letters received on the Draft EIS and BLM responses to those comments. The Proposed Action, which is described as Alternative 2 in the EIS, is to implement the Final Multiple Use Decisions, but as modified for grazing.
Copies of the Final EIS are available at the BLM Elko Field Office in print or on compact disc and the document is also available on the Internet at http://www.nv.blm.gov/elko.htm.
To obtain a copy of the Final EIS, for questions/more information about the project, or to submit comments, please contact Bryan Fuell by phone - (775) 753-0200, by email –bfuell@nv.blm.gov or by mail - 3900 Idaho St., Elko, NV, 89801.


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