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DATE: December 7, 2006
CONTACT: Mike Brown (775) 753-0386
e-mail: Mike_Brown@nv.blm.gov
Spirit Minerals LP
PROPOSES THE Big Ledge Exploration PROJECT
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Elko Field Office is seeking public comment on a proposal (called the Big Ledge Exploration Project) from Spirit Minerals LP, to conduct barite exploration activities north of Wells, Nev. 
The project site is about 25 miles north of Wells, and 10 miles west of U.S. Highway 93 in the Snake Range. The site was mined for barite in the 1970s and 1980s. The proposed exploration is to determine if deposits exist which can be mined economically.  The proposed mill site is on public lands and the balance of the project is located on private surface with split mineral estate. 
The proposed project would consist of barite exploration activity including water well and monitoring well drilling; preparing stock pile areas at a proposed mill site to be located at the old Circle A transfer site; removing existing stock piles of ore at the Stormy Creek Mill site by trucking the ore over the Snake Range to the new mill site; and constructing a segment of haul road to link the existing roads to the Big Ledge Mine and the Stormy Creek Mine. The proposed activities would create 22.3 acres of surface disturbance.
Barite is primarily used for drilling oil and gas wells and has medical, industrial, and chemical uses as well.  
Written comments, issues or concerns should be sent to: Big Ledge Exploration Project Coordinator, BLM Elko Field Office, 3900 Idaho Street, Elko, NV 89801, by the close of business on January 19, 2007. Comments will be used to guide the preparation of the environmental analysis, which will analyze the proposed action for the potential impacts and address issues and concerns. 
The Proposed Big Ledge Exploration Project Plan is available on line at http://www.nv.blm.gov/elko/minerals.htm.   For questions or more information, please contact James Lindsay by phone - (775) 753-0342, by email - jlindsay@nv.blm.gov, or by mail to the field office. 

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