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Sunday, July 2, 2006, 6:30 p.m.
Contact: (775) 748-4141, (775) 753-0386, or

**** Note to Editors – This will be the last update for this series of fires. For any questions or more information, contact Mike Brown at 775-753-0386


Elko, Nevada … The large fires burning in Elko for the past week are contained
The Suzie Fire, northwest of Elko, burned 79,859 acres and is now contained and in patrol status.
A series of large fires started by lightning on June 25, 26, and 27 burned 110,000 acres in Elko County before they were contained. The Elburz Fire burned 9,600 acres and at times threatened the communities of Elburz and Osino. Voluntary evacuations occurred at the River Ranch subdivision and homes near Elburz. Residents were allowed back in their homes the same day as the evacuations. No homes were burned.
The Sneekee Fire, about 5 miles west of Jiggs, Nevada, burned about 10,400 acres and started in the Red Springs Wilderness Study Area. The North Antelope Fire burned 10,200 acres in a remote area about 28 miles north of Dunphy, Nevada.
Fire fighting resources are being released now from the Suzie and Sneekee Fires and are being reassigned to other fires in Nevada and Utah.
Elko County fire fighting resources remain on alert to respond to any fire reports as quickly as possible. Fire officials urge people to be extremely cautious through the remainder of the holiday weekend.
To report wild fires, people should call 775-748-4000, 775-738-FIRE, or 911.
A fire state of emergency was declared in Elko County by the Elko County Commission and a 30-day ban on burn barrels remains in effect.

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