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DATE: May 28, 2004
CONTACT: Mike Brown (775) 753-0386
e-mail: Mike_Brown@nv.blm.gov


The Decision Record approving a five-year Special Recreation Permit for constructing a
commercial motocross racetrack facility has been issued by the Bureau of Land Management
(BLM) Elko Field Office.
BLM prepared an Environmental Assessment that analyzes the impacts of the proposed
motocross track operation. The project is located at a reclaimed gravel pit on Bullion Road
approximately 3 miles southwest of Elko, Nevada.
The racetrack facility would be built, operated, and maintained by the Elko Riders and
Racing Club. The entire motocross area, including parking for approximately 100 vehicles, would
be located within the confines of the already disturbed gravel pit area, which covers approximately
ten acres. The proposed area of disturbance would be less than five acres.
Construction, including fence installation, would take two to four weeks and is proposed to
begin in June 2004 at the end of the 30-day public appeal period. The course would be a sinuous
obstacle-type loop, approximately 1700 feet long and 30 feet wide, with double and triple jumps,
whoops, tabletops (big extended jumps) and a straight speed timing section. Throughout the
duration of the five-year permit, the racetrack would be redesigned and reconstructed periodically
to vary the course.
The motocross track would be open year-round with approximately 8-12 races held annually
in the summer and fall. The racetrack also would be open specified times between events and
throughout the year for riding and practice. Approximately 40 to 50 participants and more than 100
spectators would be expected for each race event. Races would involve numerous laps on the track
with different classes and ages of riders and different engine sizes.
With the expiration of the permit (unless it is renewed), the area would be completely
reclaimed. Reclamation would involve those actions required to return the area to conditions
similar to those prior to the construction of the motocross racetrack area. This would involve
removing all facilities and dismantling, leveling and re-contouring the entire motocross track.
Reseeding of the area also would be required. All reclamation would be completed within 30 days
after the expiration of the Special Recreation Permit.
This motocross track is included with the Recreation and Public Purposes Act Lease
proposal recently submitted by Elko County for the construction of a much larger race park in the
same location. Public hearings were held in April and May 2003 for this much more extensive
proposal. In preparing the environmental analysis, BLM used Elko County’s extensive public
outreach efforts for the entire project.
The Decision Record has been signed. An opportunity for a thirty (30) day public review of
this decision is being provided. Copies of the Decision Record and Environmental Assessment are
available at the BLM Elko Field Office or on the BLM Elko Field Office website
(http://www.nv.blm.gov/Elko). Select “What We Do” and “NEPA” to locate the document.
Written comments should be submitted by close of business on June 28, 2004 and should be
sent to: Bureau of Land Management, Attn: Recreation Projects Coordinator, 3900 East Idaho
Street, Elko, NV 89801. For questions or more information, or copies of the documents, please
contact Steve Dondero at (775) 753-0225 or by email Steve_Dondero@nv.blm.gov .

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